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*** The class at the Buszta Building beginning on January 20, 2015 is now FULL. Any registrations post marked after 12/19/14 will be placed in their second seleaction or the next session with openings. The KOC 1/12/15 class is now FULL. Any registrations post marked after 11/6/14 will be placed in thier 2nd selection or the next available class with openings. CERTIFIED MAIL will NOT be collected from the post office. The 2015 schedule is AVAILABLE for download. You can send in your registration for 2015 NOW!!!! ~ Follow Us On Facebook ~ Buszta NCLEX Review


We strive for our student nurse graduates to enhance their competency and comfort level resulting in their ability to reach self actualization by passing the NCLEX to begin their life as a professional licensed nurse.

About Buszta NCLEX

Our review course offers over 30 hours of the various Nursing disciplines that are required knowledge for passing the NCLEX. We provide over 500+ handouts which you will keep. Numerous visual aids, true life stories, humor and educators that have only your success as their goal.

We provide you with homework to practice your test taking skills. There are also hundreds of questions discussed in class as a group.

This NCLEX review is for both RN and LPN nursing students.

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