Buszta NCLEX Review
           Buszta NCLEX Review           
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Current Class Information

If for any reason you need to miss one of the classes during your session here is a schedule for you to use to be able to make it up. Please note that the schedule may not be "exact" as a class may end in different spots depending on the class make-up or other situations that are out of our control:

The schedule listed below is for a session that is meeting eight times

Class 1: Introduction
Class 2: OB, Peds & Psych
Class 3: Delegation
Class 4: Cardiac & Geriatrics
Class 5: Respiratory & Muscular/Skeletal
Class 6: GI, Endo & Neuro
Class 7: GU
Class 8: Legal & Feedback

The schedule lised below is for a session that is meeting five times

Class 1: Introduction / Lunch / OB & Peds
Class 2: Psych & Delegation / Lunch / Delegation & Cardiac
Class 3: Cardiac/Geri & Respiratory / Lunch / Respiratory, Muscular/Skeletal & GI
Class 4: GI,Endo & Neuro / Lunch / GU
Class 5: Legal & Feedback

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